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25 Days of winter photo challenge.

Let me start off by saying Merry Christmas!!!

So in the spirit of Christmas, this December I decided to take on the 25day winter photo challenge!
See for yourself the fun I had with this challenge!!!

Friday 1st December:  Of course the first day of December all of your Christmas outfits come out and you where them with pride:


Saturday 2nd December: First set of Christmas nails and what a treat they are 😉 


Sunday 3rd December: What are December Sundays all about? relaxing by a fire, with my pooch and a mug of hot milk of course!


Monday 4th December: I love everything about Christmas! So being dressed head to toe in Christmas festive wear means I am in my element: 


Tuesday 5th December:


Wednesday 6th December: I have to admit one of my favourite things about Christmas time is eating any food that comes my way! most of all cheese!!!!!


Thursday 7th December: This photo of me and my dad makes me laugh! in a shopping centre near my home they have a big Christmas chair all you have to do is pose and # to get it put on their facebook page and with this beauty we made it on the page. 


Friday 8th December: A family tradition of our is the Christmas pants at the theatre. This year it was beauty and the Beast. Jamie Lambert from Collabro was playing the beast. He was incredible! 

Saturday 9th December: The Christmas Elf! what a lot of fun he is! When my niece and nephew come to stay they have a magic elf come along to! and I must admit I have had a lot of fun with him. He’s called Dennis 

Sunday 10th December: So they time has come to decorate the house and the Christmas tree!! It started off so well but then the kids got a little over excited and decided to cover the poor tree with tinsel! (my mum is not a fan of tinsel) but in the end we was left with a beautiful tree!

Monday 11th December: I went to the Exeter Christmas market and it was absolutely beautiful! what I fell in love with more was the side street just across from the market! it was so cute and quirky. Of course the best part of the Christmas market was the all the food stands! I was spoilt for choice. 


Tuesday 12th December: I think this last month I have eaten at home a handful of times. My time has been full of nights out, wining and dining!


Wednesday 13th December: 

Thursday 14th December:

Friday 15th December: So this is the time of the year where everyone at work gets dolled up to the nines and has the night of the lives at the Christmas party ! heres my outfit for the evening.  

Saturday 16th December: Feeling super tender from the works Christmas party so a day in bed with rubbish food and Christmas films!! 


Sunday 17th December: Can you guess the Christmas songs by the pictures? 

Monday 18th December: I think a change in nails are in order? 


Tuesday 19th December

Wednesday 20th December: The dreaded wrapping!!!!! I made it through and all my presents were wrapped and ready for delivery ! 

Thursday 21st December:

Friday 22nd December:

Saturday 23rd December: 

Sunday 24th December Christmas Eve: Another tradition of ours? Church on Christmas Eve followed by Muppet Christmas carol and of course B excited with her Christmas presents ready for the morning. 

Monday 25th December Christmas Day: Merry Christmas !! While finishing up this blog  I am sat in front the fire with my mum and sister. I must say I have had such a lovely day ! My nan came over for lunch, we listened to music, watched TV and played games! we then made our way to my sisters house and spent the afternoon with them. Being around kids has to be the best part about Christmas. My afternoon again was full of laughter, fun and games!
I have been spoilt rotten by my friends and family. Here is just a few of my presents! 

As you can see not all my days were full ! 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year !!

Au Revoir 



One thought on “25 Days of winter photo challenge.

  1. Great post! I love all of your photos especially the 18th! Thanks for participating! I just got your post linked in! Sorry it took so long, the holiday festivities had me preoccupied☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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