December 1st 2017

Well fellow readers, here it is! the month that sends everyone crazy (in more ways than one) and the month spirits are high !

I hold my hands up my Christmas spirit has been high for a while now ! but I have a lot of grinch friends, ’12 days of Christmas, non of which are in November!’ I say if your feeling festive it doesn’t matter how early you start to celebrate ! 

So what has happened to me over the past year ?? 

The start of the year I went on a few trips.
Something I had been wanting to do for ages was to go to the Harry Potter studios: Read about my fun time here: The Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour
I went to Dublin, read my blog here: The Dublin Experience !!🇨🇮🇨🇮

I finally bought myself a new car that was all mine! Its my pride and joy and I absolutely love it! the amount of compliments I get as well.. makes me a little big-headed 😉 


I was super busy because I got myself another job, making that 3 in total ! I started working in a bar for the summer. 
That was super fun and loved it ! slightly disappointed I wont be there for a while! 

I took a trip to the Lake District for work ! This was a massive achievement for me also it has to be the most breath-taking place I have ever been to!


A major achievement for me this year is keeping my D&A at bay ! I know I had a few low times this year but I always managed to pull myself together. Also I have been off any form of medication for a good 9months now 🙂 

So December is a super busy month for me ! Of course work still has to happen regardless of the month and the fact its the build up to Christmas ! So when I’m not working I am making sure I am doing fun festive stuff! I have some meals coming up with work colleagues and friends. My work Christmas party is coming up ! This is always a big deal! everyone always makes an effort with their outfits and it’s just a great way to get everyone in the company together to mingle!
I am going to a Christmas market the week of Christmas! I am dead excited about this because I have never actually done anything like this? Sounds silly but when you’re in a rubbish relationship you don’t actually do fun stuff like that together ! so this year I am making it my mission to make the most of Christmas time and do this fun stuff! Not only am I going to the Christmas market I am going to the Eden project. Again this is another place I have never been but I believe this time of the year they make it very festive? Super excited !
A family tradition of ours is the Christmas panto! This is my favourite, every year without fail we all get together and go to the local panto and each year we have the best time and watch a great show! since my niece and nephew got a little older its become such a fun event, they enjoy it so much and the look on their faces is priceless! 

I think its safe to say that December is going to be super busy but even more exciting and I cannot wait 🙂 this I what Christmas is all about right ? making the most out of the special time you get with your loved ones. I for one love this time of the year and really make the most of it! 

Last year I made a bucket list, I am going to recap on this and see if I managed to fulfil any of it or whether any of it is going to have to stay on the list for another year ! Read that blog here: Bucket List 2017

I hope you all enjoy whatever festivities you get up to over the next few weeks! Please be merry, have fun but most of all make sure your happy 🙂

Au revoir 

IMG_0504Ice Cream Party-2


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