My Week in a Nutshell

Sunday Funday right? I would rather call it slouchy Sunday which is exactly what I’m doing !

So what has happened to me this week ??

Lets start with the fact I have finally started to shop for new clothes ! I have finally started the autumn/winter wardrobe that I want ! Of course I have gone for the big knitted jumpers, knee length boots, dark jeans and big scarves! I think that if you have a couple of these things you can make several nice outfits ! you don’t need a jam packed wardrobe to look nice. Well I don’t think so anyway? I’m not massive on fashion, I’m the sort of girl that just loves to be comfortable more than anything ! so jeans and jumper is perfect for me. My favourite buy this week has to be my khaki jeans!! they are super comfy and they look great! a great buy for me this week. They are from

See my Pinterest board to see the sort of look I am going for this winter: Pinterest board

For the past 2 weeks I have had super bad skin and I don’t mean the small pimple here and there I mean they are huge! like boulders ! they take over my face and are painful at the same time! and to top it off my skin has been super oily too. So I have been looking online for certain beauty tips that I could try ! one that has caught my eye so far is lemon and bicarb? anyone else tried this?
Its so hard when your face does break out because you don’t want to put make up on because this can make the situation a lot worse but then again I need these bad boys covered! no one should have to look at my face like this, I would feel super bad for them.
So please if anyone else has any ideas please please please send them my way !!

Soo! moving onto something a little more exciting. I have been thinking a lot this week about going back to college? Now when I was at school admittedly I was there purely for the social side of things! I loved going to school and being with my friends I was never one to be very intellectual, don’t get my wrong I did what I needed to do to pass my exams but I most certainly didn’t put my all into them and do the best I could.
Now I’m older I definitely regret this! I wish I really thought about the consequences and how it would affect me at this age. I have done well enough without qualification but I’m at that stage where I think to better myself I could do with a bit more knowledge? So I would like to go to college and do a management course! I feel like this would really help me now and more so in the future !
Just means trying to get a chunk of money together and also working less! which isn’t so easy!

Of course earlier this week I shared my blog in memory of my Gramps who sadly passed away. I had an amazing response from that post and I’m over whelmed from the support. That was a blog that was super hard to write and did take me a while to write ! but I think a lot of people got the gist of what I was trying to do/say ? I’m still grieving and this is extremely hard, not sure when things will get easier but I have to remember that I have lost someone truly important to me and I need to give myself time to heal.

The funeral is this Friday which I can assure you will be a horrible day !

My mum did come home from his house yesterday with a keyring and lighter that I had got him for his birthday, so I now have a nice keepsake.

Heres a very old picture of me and my sister with Gramps. This man will truly be missed.


Quick D&A update? I will admit that Im not as well as I could be and as well as I have been ! A lot has happened and is still happening atm so I’m just taking everyday as it comes and trying to keep myself from falling to deep because at the end of the day my health comes first and I have to keep myself from falling.

Thanks for reading guys ! Have a fab Sunday and I will be sure to post something again soon.


Au revoir

Ice Cream Party


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