Bucket list for 2017

Well I have always wanted to make a bucket list, so I am going to start one this year. My older sister who also blogs inspired me to do this. I feel like if I write my bucket list out then I am more likely to achieve them.

So here is my 2017 bucket list that I would like to achieve within the year:

  • Loose 3st!
  • Visit Amsterdam.
  • Become fit and healthy!
  • Visit somewhere snowy and stay in a igloo-go skiing
  • Achieve higher standards at work
  • Get back into reading and read at least 5 books!!- started one called sharp objects
  • Swim with sharks (again)
  • Hold a snake!! (Biggest fear)

Ok so that’s it !- this is achievable right??

Some of the things on the list might be a bit far-fetched but that’s the whole point in bucket lists right?

I have swam with sharks before best experience ever!! It was a 21st birthday present. Went to London aquarium into a netted cage and that was it, there was the sharks swimming around me it was fantastic ! So to do it again will be amazing.

Snakes (OMG) my biggest fear ever!!! I hate them they scare me so much. Well anyway at Exmoor zoo not to far from my home yu can actually hold a snake ! Every time I have gone there I’ve always said to myself that I will hold one but never do….haha.. well now it is on my bucket list I have to do it right?

Visit Amsterdam and somewhere snowy, well iv heard so many good things about Amsterdam so why not visit there to say that I have been there too and see all the wonderful things!! The reason I would like to visit somewhere snowy and stay in an igloo is because my favourite time of the year is winter and well the snow is just amazing ! Staying in an igloo and skiing is just something you have to do in a cold and snowy place 🙂

So hopefully things will fall into place 🙂

Anyone else set a bucket list for the year??

Well this post will have to wait for a year and we can see how it plans out 🙂 I look forward to what happens!!
Au revoir


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