BLOGGERS UPDATE: I am still alive and kicking fellow readers! My lack of blogging and updates have been horrific these past few weeks! Did you all see my last post? A males guide to female communication I feel like a week in a nutshell post just wont cut it this time! So lets just take a… Continue reading BLOGGERS UPDATE – WHATS HAPPENED LAUREENROSE ?!


A males guide to female communications

Mens guide issue 1: I think everyone will agree with me when I say that for a successful relationship communication is key and you will also agree when I say that women and men communicate in such different ways. I am not saying that women are better than men at communicating because lets face it… Continue reading A males guide to female communications


My letter to you..

AN OPEN LETTER TO SOMEONE SPECIAL: Here goes, I am going to write an open letter, in fact I want to write a series of open letters to people I love, people I want to talk to but cant and people that are just not around to hear my voice. DEAR GRANDMA & GRAMPY, I… Continue reading My letter to you..


Love & the constant battle

Love,Love,love! So I'v been single for what - nearly 2 years ?? I cannot express enough how happy and content I feel ! I am not sad nor am I lonely. I will admit, there is some things about being single that aren't so rosey! however these past 2 years have allowed me grow as… Continue reading Love & the constant battle


An interview with a Blogger

An Interview with another blogger: HappyGoMummy Having an older sister that also blog is super fun ! I have learnt everything I need to know from her! she is an amazing writer and her blog is amazing! So I thought you guys could get to know her a little more, even go and subscribe! She… Continue reading An interview with a Blogger


Harry Potter quiz & trivia

My love for Harry Potter is just insane! I just love everything about it! my favourite has to be 'Half Blood Prince' Over the Christmas period I spent my time watching them from start to finish.... again! (I must have done this about 50+ times in 2017. So I thought it would be a fun… Continue reading Harry Potter quiz & trivia

Lifestyle · Mental Health

Depression & I

Depression and the horrible reality: I dont mean to write such a glum and sad blog just after Christmas but a part of me thought this would be a perfect time talk about depression We all know how wonderful and exciting Christmas can be and I am one of those people that is massively fond… Continue reading Depression & I

Just a bit of fun · Lifestyle

Bucket List for 2018

'New year New me'. I hate this saying ! it should never be a new year for you to consider being a new you! Make this change anytime of the year! Anyway ! I cannot believe it was a year ago since I made my last bucket list. Read that blog here: Bucket list for 2017… Continue reading Bucket List for 2018

Just a bit of fun · Lifestyle

25 Days of winter photo challenge.

Let me start off by saying Merry Christmas!!! So in the spirit of Christmas, this December I decided to take on the 25day winter photo challenge! See for yourself the fun I had with this challenge!!! Friday 1st December:  Of course the first day of December all of your Christmas outfits come out and you where… Continue reading 25 Days of winter photo challenge.

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My Week in a Nutshell

Happy weekend fellow readers! How scary is it that Christmas is literally just round the corner? I think I have finished most of my shopping its just the dreaded wrapping left !! I'm just going to have to make a fun day out of this. films, music and lots of food to keep me going. … Continue reading My Week in a Nutshell